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Christmas Snow Racing Pro

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=== Ads free version ===Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming! Not much time is left, hurry up, help Santa Claus and deliver the presents for all the good children! Simple and fun racing game for 2 - 10 years kids. Have you ever seen a snow-man riding the turbo Christmas tree? Choose your ride and guide it to the finish line! Control your car with just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and rolls on its way. Other racing games gets boring for your kid because of hard levels or controls? This is what you were looking for!
White snow flakes are everywhere, cold winter is here, special fast cars are prepared for the race with winter tires so start your engine and race for the win! Get enough speed to launch of the ramps and jump through the huge gaps! Collect coins while driving for better racing results and keep the speed to climb into the mountains. Your kids will be happy to see the beautiful x-mass views and enjoy the awesome stunts that their car will do in its way like! it will spin performing frontflips, backflips and other cool tricks! You can bump into huge snowballs or huge gifts that will block your way but it wont do any damage to your car.
The game graphics and controls are designed for toddlers with very cute characters and comic rides.